Bulleit Crafted Cocktails


Bulleit is rooted in cocktail culture, so naturally we crafted our take on two classic, ultra-premium cocktails: the Bourbon Old Fashioned and Rye Manhattan.

We engaged some of the most celebrated and creative bartenders to help us refine and perfect these recipes. That’s how we know you’ll enjoy a bar quality cocktail experience straight from the bottle.

The Bulleit Old Fashioned Cocktail exudes notes of sweet oak, nutmeg and light toffee that elegantly come together with the flavor of orange bitters. The Bulleit Manhattan Cocktail offers clean, satiny and woody notes of straight rye whiskey with sweet vermouth and bitters.

Just sit back, pour, garnish as desired and enjoy.

Bartender approved.

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Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Bulliet Manhattan Cocktail

Everyone seems to have their own version of the classic Manhattan. Our take is based on the simple belief that a spicer rye makes for a better Manhattan. Made with straight rye whiskey in Bulleit’s high-rye style this classic cocktail pairs Sweet Vermouth with classic angostura bitters flavors, and hints of dried fruit, spice, and vanilla.

  • 37.5% Alc/vol – 75 proof
  • Available in two sizes 750mL and 375mL

While it is certainly true that the Old Fashioned is a staple of the bartenders everywhere, we wanted this recipe to be worthy of the BULLEIT cocktail with Kentucky Straight Bourbon and bespoke mixture of orange bitters. Made with high-rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Bulleit, this classic Old-Fashioned cocktail combines the distinctive taste of Bulleit with the flavor of classic angostura bitters, orange, hints of spice and simple syrup.

  • 37.5% Alc/vol – 75 proof
  • Available in two sizes 750mL and 375mL

Bulleit Old Fashioned Cocktail